Three books about finding yourself



As a mother of two, I find it helpful to enjoy plenty of self-help books. Doing that enables me to become a better mother and a better person in general. Inspiration is always lurking in the pages of such literary works, especially if you know just where to look. My journey to self-discovery has been a whole lot easier because of my fascination for reading those kinds of books.

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, authored by Sheryl Sandberg and co-written by Nell Scovell, bears a title that has instantly turned into a catchphrase for women empowerment. Sheryl Sandberg, one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women in Business, is also the COO of Facebook. In this book, Sheryl Sandberg draws on her personal experience working in some of the most successful businesses in the world.

Ms. Sandberg fearlessly looks at what the female of the species can do to help themselves. She teaches women how to make the small changes in their lives that can create change on a more global level. When this book was written, the statistics were not in women’s favor, despite there being an improvement over the previous decades. Of the 197 heads of state, women comprised only 22 of them.

Also, only 20 percent of seats in parliament were held by women worldwide. In the world of large companies, a measly 18 of the Fortune 500 CEOs were women. Through this book, I have proven to myself why Sandberg has sparked a fierce debate about women and leadership.Truly a fascinating read!

Tina Fey was a featured player in The Second City, a Chicago-based improvisational comedy group, during her foray into comedy. Joining SNL as a writer, Tina eventually became head writer and a performer known for her role as the co-anchor in the Weekend Update segment of the show.

She created the TV series 30 Rock for Broadway Video after leaving SNL in 2006. The Bossypants 1st edition is her autobiographical book that topped the New York Times Bestseller list for five weeks.

The book is a short, messy yet irreverently funny piece of work that provides captivating glimpses of this impossibly talented comedienne behind the curtain of modern comedy spiced with equal doses of candor, wit, and self-depreciation. She dishes out the unlikeliest advice on breastfeeding and talks about her cruise ship honeymoon, among many others.

However, we see how genuinely chaotic Fey’s life is when she describes how she divides her efforts equally among trying to get Oprah to appear in 30 Rock, rehearsing her Sarah Palin impression and planning a Peter Pan-themed birthday party for her daughter. This book shows us why Tina Fey continues to be adored. It has shown me too that I cannot be the perfect mom to my two lovely daughters no matter how hard I try, but the journey is always one worth taking as long as I am willing to laugh my mistakes off.


Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay is a compilation of essays covering a broad range of topics from criticism, politics, and feminism put together by one of the most respected young cultural observers of her generation. Roxane Gay presents funny and insightful essays where she takes us with her through the journey she has taken on her evolution as a woman of color

She also allows us a glimpse of her journey through culture of the last few years along with commenting on how feminism is today. Through this book, I have learned much from being an exceptionally insightful woman who should constantly grow to understand herself and the society as well as being a part of one’s culture.

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