3 science books that won’t have your kids running for the hills



The digital era that we live in is not a healthy place for children. They become addicted to smartphones and tablets instead of books and interactive games. Assaulted from the media with a load of useless information it’s no wonder that kids prefer to waste time in front of the computer and lose interest in science and reading. Books are essentials tools for education and it’s important to give our little ones, opportunities to read something truly valuable for their future and general knowledge. This is why I encouraged my loved ones to read from an early age and I still give them a hard time if I see them spending time unproductively. I bet your major concern as a parent is what science books should you give them so that they don’t panic. Continue reading some of my dearest suggestions below.

Generally, children are more prone to reading books about very famous people. It’s a good choice for creating role models and for impressing friends and teachers. This is the reason why I pick ‘Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids’, a book for kids older than nine and even adults. It’s one of those book that you read in the family and make turns to test how much each of you remembers. The subject is Albert Einstein life from early childhood and a small history of his tremendous contribution to science. Plus, the book has a lot of great experiments that are easy to try, like creating a nuclear chain reaction using domino pieces, making blue skies or red sunsets in soda bottles and even calculating the speed of light with a melted chocolate bar.

Children are very curious especially when it comes to things that are inexplicable. They always pop up absurd questions waiting for us adults to come up with the perfect answer. ‘The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science’ does the right thing: provides a list of weird experiments that will satisfy children’s hunger for science, in a good way. The retro look and the audacious experiments are the features that appeal the most to a large group of students.


If you were looking for a science book that has them all, ‘Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments’ is by far the best choice. You’ll find inside information from areas such as chemistry, physics, biology, the human body and planet Earth. The book is completed with 30 interactive experiments that don’t require many resources, only simple things around the house.

So, getting your kids into loving science is not complicated. They have brains that are dying to absorb information. You just must feed them with the right science books.



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